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Griggs GR350 suspension delivers unequalled controllability, inducing a precise, confidence-inspiring driving experience.

2006 Customer Testimonial:

To the Griggs team,

This letter of appreciation was written to speak directly to those who have not had the opportunity to experience the uncompromising Griggs team effort.  

Wow! This car is absolutely unbelievable. You guys did an awesome job with my limited budget.

Since 1978, I have been driving early Mustangs hard; and since 1983, much of that driving was during club open track events on California road courses. Among the cars I have owned and driven at these events, is a 65’ Shelby and a 70’ BOSS 429. Yes, this is not a misprint, I ran a nose-heavy BOSS 429 hard on a road course. As much fun as it had been driving these cars, they all had an element of unpredictable danger you could feel when driving them on the hairy edge. The difference when driving a Griggs equipped and prepared car is that, no matter how hard you drive it, you never feel out of control. 

The first event for my recently completed 70’ GR350 Mustang was at Infineon raceway in September of 2006. After only a few laps, I was very comfortable driving this car at the limit. I passed three cars late braking into turn seven; feedback through the steering wheel gave me complete confidence in how it would respond. The wheel turned in with ease and the car went where I pointed it. Sitting in the driver’s seat coming out of turn seven, my elbows were rested on the sides of my racing seat and I reeled the steering wheel back straight as comfortably as if I were sitting in my living room chair. On a different lap, I entered turn seven way too hot and forced myself into a hard four wheel drift. Well, I made it through that corner without any problem and you might say that my clean underwear after that session was one measure of how easy this car is to control. There is no way I can describe this experience well enough for you to really understand what it is like to drive Griggs-designed and prepared cars. What I can tell you is that every passenger that rode with me was awe struck like a kid on Christmas morning. 

For years I have made compromising attempts to improve handling in the antique suspension design of early Mustangs I have owned. Now, with my Griggs car, the suspension package just works. I can finally focus on improving my driving skills without having to fight the car. Another added bonus to this well-balanced package is that it is a much safer car to drive now. This fact was a clear selling point to my wife; an engineer who understands the physics justification in a no-compromise design. There is no doubt in my mind that I will never build another Mustang without using Griggs products. 

I want to thank Bruce and John Griggs and everyone on the Griggs team that worked with me to build my dream car. By using my car to design your GR350 suspension, and building it over time, this project moved forward at an affordable pace for me. 

During the final push to complete my car, a number of present and former employees, including a Griggs distributor from Hawaii, jumped in to help out on their own time for only the reward of the accomplishment. Money cannot buy the undeniable passion for results that drives the Griggs team. You guys are awesome.

Your friend and loyal customer since 1997,

John Vogler 

See how the suspension systems designed by Bruce Griggs, of Griggs Racing Products, give auto enthusiasts the ride of their lives on the track at Infineon Raceway. If you're into the technology behind cars built for the track, you won't want to miss this show: www.instantinsightinc.com

Learning about science is fun for the whole family with professional stand-up comedian, Bryan Kellen, hosting the show at www.curiousduck.com

One of the most experienced Griggs installers: www.mustangdon.com

On the cover of Modified Mustangs and Fords January 2013 issue.

Nor Cal Region Shelby American Automobile Club Member

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1ST GR350 Equipped Mustang

Last update: May 22, 2016

1970 Mustang Mach 1 “R” code

3260 lbs. (Fuel level: Full) 
52.9% front / 47.1% rear 

4.6L DOHC Ford Racing Aluminator
Vortech Supercharger 
602HP at the rear wheels

Build purpose: 90% open track / 10% street



Good people, best and original design, UNMATCHEd support,

uncompromised integrity!